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Jason Momoa has ideas for a sequel. The director who was fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise could soon have a new group of super misfits.

It's a good time to be a fan of The Rock, because he's cranking out a ton of projects over the next few years, including John Henry and The Statesmen.

Jason Momoa is ready to rule the Seven Seas, and there's a bit of Indiana Jones in this extended look as Aquaman and Mera seek answers.

The best geek movies of , ranked From Solo: Gallery by Lance Cartelli November 4, 3: Article by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper November 2, Article by Bonnie Burton November 1, 2: Recent Galleries See all galleries.

The best geek movies of , ranked. Take a look at the actors who played the Joker. All the best cosplay from Comic-Con He is also the most powerful being in the Multiverse and beyond.

There are several lesser beings in the DC universe that possess god-like powers, through energy manipulation, magic ability, or technological advancement.

Magic and the supernatural are often depicted as being real in the DC Universe, though some skeptics, such as Mister Terrific , maintain that there are scientific explanations to all such events.

The narration of the mystic and harsh dark reality is more common in DC's Vertigo Comics because its stories lurk outside of superhero fantasy; the Vertigo series have beings that relate better to civilian life, although both universes are subject to fantastical realms and unworldly dimensions.

Magic is too powerful in the physical world, where harnessing magic can distort and even destroy reality if not properly controlled e. The DC Universe is composed of a number of different dimensional planes , most notably parallel Earths see Multiverse , but the latter were eliminated when reality was altered by the Anti-Monitor although stories featuring parallel Earths have continued to crop up with various rationalizations in the following years.

Other types of dimensions still exist, however, including the Antimatter Universe of Qward , the Pax dimension , the Fifth Dimension and the Bleed.

Prison dimensions, such as the Phantom Zone , are meant to house superpowered criminals who are too powerful for any conventional means of containment.

Dimensions make up many universes, of which some are created and destroyed with help from supernatural forces and elements from which power is drawn.

As well, certain dimensions function as crossover opportunities for heroes from different comic book companies to interact, either from competing companies, or from companies absorbed by competitors.

The most notable example of the first kind of crossover has been between Marvel Comics and DC Comics , and the latter with Wildstorm Comics.

In this way, heroes originally published by different companies are now part of the same fictional universe, and interactions between such characters are no longer considered intercompany crossovers.

Additionally, the Marvel Comics Universe is also said to exist in the DC Universe as one of the many alternative universes. The reverse may also be said with respect to the Marvel Universe.

This is one method of explaining the various crossover stories co-published by the two companies. Heaven and Hell exist in the DC Universe but may not exist in the same continuum.

Versions vary from the Vertigo and DC Universe series with writers of the Vertigo Universe depicting them in relation to religion and mythology while the writers in the DCU have a tendency to narrate fantasy.

The Speed Force is an extradimensional energy source which provides the speedsters of the DC Universe with their powers. Accessing the Speed Force makes it possible to run at incredible speeds, even faster than light, and even to jump in and out of the timestream, thereby travelling - albeit with a limited degree of control - through time.

The Speed Force also acts as a kind of Valhalla for deceased speedsters. Rebirth reveals that Barry Allen is a living generator of the Speed Force ever since the accident that transformed him into the Flash.

It is possible to travel in time in this universe by several means, including moving faster than the speed of light.

The Legion of Super-Heroes from 1, years into the future in particular have access to time-travel technology although the threeboot Legion lacks time travel technology while Rip Hunter is the present day authority of the technology.

Originally, it was impossible to change the past, or to exist in two places at the same time a time traveler appearing in an era where they already existed would become an ineffectual, invisible phantom while there.

However that was all changed after the Anti-Monitor tried to change history at the beginning of time during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Also, a number of alternate realities -known as Hypertime -now exist. A group calling itself the Linear Men formed to prevent anyone from changing history.

In addition, an enormously powerful being called the Time Trapper , an enemy of the Legion, has been known to manipulate the timestream, even creating " pocket universes ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see DC Universe disambiguation. A drawing of DC Comics characters by Alex Ross , illustrating the conflicts between its superheroes and their antagonistic counterparts.

Golden Age of Comic Books. Silver Age of Comic Books. Crisis on Infinite Earths. List of objects in the DC Universe.

List of hidden races in DC Comics. List of alien races in DC Comics. List of cosmic entities in DC Comics. The Justice League Companion.

Retrieved February 20, History of the DC Universe. The Return of Donna Troy. Countdown to Final Crisis Countdown: Rogues' Revenge Legion of 3 Worlds Revelations.

Battle for the Cowl The Flash: Doomed" The New Futures End The Multiversity. The Brave and the Bold Mortal Kombat vs.

DC Universe Justice League: Emerald Knights Green Lantern: The Animated Series Injustice: Worlds Crossover events Crisis. Justice Society of America.

Gardner Fox Sheldon Mayer. All Star Comics America vs. Imprint September — June List of imprint publications.

The Nuclear Men Green Team: Pandora Trinity of Sin: Batman Eternal The New Post-imprint June — August The Hellblazer Cyborg Deathstroke vol. Batman and Robin Eternal.

The Flashpoint Paradox Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Batman vs. Robin Justice League Dark. Terrfifc Plastic Man Swamp Thing. Morrow Vandal Savage White Martians.

The November DC titles introduced an updated logo. This version was almost twice the size of the previous one and was the first version with a white background.

This logo was the first to occupy the top-left corner of the cover, where the logo has usually resided since. The company now referred to itself in its advertising as "Superman-DC".

In November , the logo was modified to incorporate the company's formal name, National Comics Publications. In October , DC briefly retired the circular logo in favour of a simple "DC" in a rectangle with the name of the title, or the star of the book; the logo on many issues of Action Comics , for example, read "DC Superman".

An image of the lead character either appeared above or below the rectangle. For books that did not have a single star, such as anthologies like House of Mystery or team series such as Justice League of America , the title and "DC" appeared in a stylized logo, such as a bat for "House of Mystery".

This use of characters as logos helped to establish the likenesses as trademarks , and was similar to Marvel's contemporaneous use of characters as part of its cover branding.

DC's " Page Super-Spectacular" titles and later page and "Giant" issues published from to featured a logo exclusive to these editions: A variant had the letters in a square.

The July DC titles featured a new circular logo. The letters "DC" were rendered in a block-like typeface that would remain through later logo revisions until The title of the book usually appeared inside the circle, either above or below the letters.

In December , this logo was modified with the addition of the words "The Line of DC Super-Stars" and the star motif that would continue in later logos.

This logo was placed in the top center of the cover from August to October When Jenette Kahn became DC's publisher in late , she commissioned graphic designer Milton Glaser to design a new logo.

Popularly referred to as the "DC bullet", this logo premiered on the February titles. Although it varied in size and colour and was at times cropped by the edges of the cover, or briefly rotated 4 degrees, it remained essentially unchanged for nearly three decades.

The company released these variants to newsstands in certain markets as a marketing test. The Return of Donna Troy 1 and the rest of the titles the following week.

In addition to comics, it was designed for DC properties in other media, which was used for movies since Batman Begins , with Superman Returns showing the logo's normal variant, and the TV series Smallville , the animated series Justice League Unlimited and others, as well as for collectibles and other merchandise.

The new logo was first used on May 25, , in conjunction with the release of DC Universe: Rebirth Special 1 by Geoff Johns.

It was announced in April , [78] with the title and service formally announced in May DC Universe is expected to offer more than video content through the inclusion of an immersive experience with fan interaction that encompasses comics in addition to television.

Google Play , Comixology []. Irwin said he never played golf with Goodman, so the story is untrue. I heard this story more than a couple of times while sitting in the lunchroom at DC's Third Avenue and 75 Rockefeller Plaza office as Sol Harrison and [production chief] Jack Adler were schmoozing with some of us As the distributor of DC Comics, this man certainly knew all the sales figures and was in the best position to tell this tidbit to Goodman.

Of course, Goodman would want to be playing golf with this fellow and be in his good graces Sol worked closely with Independent News' top management over the decades and would have gotten this story straight from the horse's mouth.

Goodman, a publishing trend-follower aware of the JLA's strong sales, confirmably directed his comics editor, Stan Lee , to create a comic-book series about a team of superheroes.

It was a book called The [ sic ] Justice League of America and it was composed of a team of superheroes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 31 October This article is about the US publisher of comics.

For the Scottish publisher of comics and newspapers, see DC Thomson. Golden Age of Comic Books. Silver Age of Comic Books. Bronze Age of Comic Books.

Modern Age of Comic Books. Not to be confused with DIC Entertainment. Pam Lifford President, Warner Bros.

DC Universe streaming service. Comics portal New York City portal Companies portal. However, film producer and comics historian Michael Uslan partly debunked the story in a letter published in Alter Ego 43 December , pp.

Retrieved September 11, Retrieved June 17, Retrieved October 18, Retrieved 23 January Share of Overall Units—Marvel The Comic Book in America: Archived from the original on February 23, Publishers of Comic Books Showing Decline".

The New York Times. It was just a year ago that some rather surprising news was announced to the world about a venerable American institution.

The announcement said that Superman had gone public. Retrieved December 18, Retrieved June 11, Archived from the original on Retrieved August 10, Retrieved August 15, Archived from the original on April 13, Retrieved 18 April Archived from the original on August 30, Retrieved September 26, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved May 31, Retrieved June 5, Archived from the original on June 19, Retrieved June 22, Retrieved June 4, It's Not Blood Moon.

Retrieved September 9, The San Diego Union Tribune. Shakes Up Executive Roles". Retrieved May 18, Retrieved May 7, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved 4 January Retrieved June 6, Archived from the original on September 15, The new position, announced on Thursday by Warner Bros.

Consumer Products, DC, themed entertainment, and a new global franchise team.

The Speed Force is an extradimensional energy source which provides the speedsters of the DC Universe with their powers. By the "Fourth World" was all cancelled, although Kirby's Beste Spielothek in Clarenthal finden would soon become integral to the broadening of the DC Universe. Soon after, the Justice League of America was formed, and they have remained Earth's preeminent superhero team; most DC heroes such as the Teen Titans have either belonged to the League at some point, or have connections to it. Brainiac also emulates this technology as well as technology from other worlds. In another tale, Superman: Concurrently, DC lost DC Comic | Euro Palace Casino Blog copyright to "Superboy" while retaining the trademark when the heirs of Jerry Siegel used a provision of the revision to the copyright law to regain ownership. After that, many new series would launch with a twice-monthly release schedule and new creative teams for nearly every title. The fact that DC Comics characters coexisted freelivesports the same world was first established in All Star Comics 3 where several superheroes who starred in separate stories in the series up to that point met each other in Beste Spielothek in Holtershausen finden group dubbed the Justice Society of Online-Slot Gold Factory – kostenlos ohne Download spielen. Retrieved June 4, Accessing the Speed Force makes it possible to run at incredible speeds, even faster than light, and casino bonus code 2019 ohne einzahlung to jump in and out of the timestream, thereby travelling - albeit with a limited degree of control - through time.

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